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We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at #FEResearchMeet. There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort.



Join your peers at a research meet in person. We welcome staff from sixth form colleges, further education colleges, training providers, adult & community, schools and academies with post-16 provision and staff from work-based learning.

6 Ideas for running a #FEResearchMeet
  • Start on a high – some upbeat music is a great way to motivate attendees and create a buzz

  • Researchmeets should be a space for voices inside the post-16 education and training sector to share and develop research and practice around research in the sector.  Therefore, keynotes should be chosen and briefed with care.  

    Think about choosing someone who researches and works in the sector, who works with people in the sector to develop its capacity for research or projects that have blended people from different sectors, say HE and FE, or a sixth form and an external research body such as The Edge Foundation.

  • Brief your speakers to ensure they address their audience as researchers and non-researchers alike.  The likelihood is for every new action researcher in the audience there will be an audience member who has, is or is considering undertaking post-graduate study.

  • Give your workshop presenters 1-2 minutes to pitch their ideas before attendees choose which workshop they’d wish to attend.  Workshop leaders need to be made aware they’ll be required to do this prior to the day, and some really pull out all the stops to make theirs fun and engaging.  Pitches can be a good way to communicate to the audience can help to raise the participation on the day.

  • When planning workshops, don’t just go for ‘big names’ or safe hands.  Try to encourage and support researchers from your own organisation or local area to participate.  #FEResearcheet aims to develop the capacity for research in the post-16 education and training sector, and using your meet as a stepping stone for new voices to be heard is crucial in this.

  • Discussion is key.  Workshops should ideally be focused on discussion as well as sharing and it can be really useful to organise panel sessions as well as thinking environment sessions and other ways of getting voices heard as part of your meet

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